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Armenia has managed to keep the true spiritual riches that is religion, culture and national traditions of many centuries that comply strictly with joy and sadness. Today these traditions are being constantly kept; the strength of marriage, respect for elders, the strength and breadth of relationships, the custom of mutual assistance of relatives and neighbors and hospitality.

Marriage among the Armenians is a big celebration. This important event is preceded by agreement, engagement and wedding. Today wedding ceremony is not accompanied by the so called "Seven Days, Seven Nights" wedding party. Yet, this is how weddings used to be organized. The whole village attended. During the wedding ceremony Armenian witnesses were and are "the godfather and the godmother." For this role, a virtuous family is being choosen, that can serve as a good sample for the new family. The godfather and his wife take responsibility for the formation of the new family. The godfather must give an expensive gift to the newlyweds. There is a special rite for the presentation of the wedding gift. Parents of the bridegroom and the bride as well as the guests give the newlyweds jewelry, household equipment or money. Marriage is accompanied by a number of various rites. At the wedding ceremony the bride is given a male child to hold, so that the firstborn is a boy. The next morning, the female representatives of the husband's family bring red apples to the bride's family. The red apple is the symbol of virginity.

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